Wednesday, 12 October 2016

OTN Appreciation Day : PL/SQL

Tim Hall's initiative

Showing some appreciation for ORACLE features we all use!!!!!

What a great idea by Tim to find some time to think about what would be the thing that I could point out as most favorite feature of Oracle
No matter how easy it seems selecting only one has proven hard for me.

I would have to go with PL/SQL, that is where it all starts. 

In 2006 this was my first real word programming tool and 10 years later I would not change it for anything else. This then led me to Oracle APEX and I could not be any happier. 

Thanks ORACLE.


Saturday, 17 September 2016

APEX 5.1 EA2 is out

All blogs are screaming

It is time to try 5.1 EA2!!!!!

It could not go unnoticed since everyone was talking about it for few weeks now and trying to guess when that will happen. 
All you need to do is register for new workspace and take APEX 5.1 for a ride on as EA2 is alive and ready.

What an APEX delight.


Saturday, 3 September 2016

Conference Speaker

AUSOUG Connect 2016

Perth and Melbourne 7-11 November 2016

Pleased to announce that my abstracts got selected for this years AUSOUG Connect 2016 Conference.

If you happen to live in New Zealand or Australia this is event not to be missed. Not often do you have an opportunity to meet and greet Oracle APEX best so talk to your managers and book your space now.

I look forward such a great event and meeting you APEX fellows there.  

Visit AUSOUG for more info. 


Thursday, 18 August 2016

APEX 5 Printing

Simple alternative to BI Publisher

Give it a try with AOP - ApexOfficePrint

If you ever wondered how you can try out, test, register or configure AOP plugin or server good news is that there is plenty information available.

From most common questions, documentation, demo preview application to useful tutorials showing some of great features of AOP as printing solution for your APEX based applications.   

Visit  AOP FAQ for more info. 


Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Configuring your AOP Server

APEXOfficePrint - AOP tips

Post installation check list

You have downloaded your On Premise package and followed instructions to install it. These are post installation steps that you need to do or you need to check if something is not working.

Make sure that: 
  1. your DB has a proper Access Network Control List configured to be able to talk to your AOP server IP. Without this you will receive:                       
ORA-29273: HTTP request failed

  1. installed LibreOffice on your server and that its /bin directory exists in system environment path. Without this you will not be able to open generated files and AOP will not be able to generate files. 
  2. Check your Shared Components -> Component Settings -> AOP Plugin Component Settings
Making sure that your AOP URL contains correct IP address:PORT of your AOP server. 

Without all these steps AOP will not be able to generate your reports.

Hope this helps.


Monday, 25 July 2016


Security parameter


This is is a re-tweet of Joels' blog post published on 24th of July. 

If you are running APEX on ORDS definitely have a look at Joel's blog and you might want to re-check your configuration settings to make sure your apps are safe and secure.

It is all about setting this 

<entry key="security.requestValidationFunction">wwv_flow_epg_include_modules.authorize</entry>

in your ORDS configuration.  Great news is this will be a default setting on ORDS 3.0.7.

Happy reading,

Monday, 18 July 2016

New line formatting

APEXOfficePrint - AOP tips

How to get your AOP showing the new line?

Just a quick demo on how you can create new line using AOP. 

Let's say we have a column that contains char(13)char(10) (Carriage return and Line feed) characters which user wants to have reflected on pdf or Word output. 

In you source query you would have to do something like:

select replace('a ' || chr(10)||chr(13)|| ' BBBBBB', chr(10)||chr(13), '\n')  as "cust_info" from dual

This is then at run time translated to new lines and everyone is happy. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate.....